Interactive Collage of Killer Vinyl Records

I was playing around with an idea I had last night. As you probably already know, not much music is released on vinyl; and out of that small number even fewer vinyl releases use true creativity. When I explain to artists that they can design their record release any way they want for Hifidelics, I get a sense that it’s not completely understood what I mean. Not too long ago, I posted some ideas to help; but I want to try to keep posting new ideas that other artists and labels have released.

My idea is to go to you and the public and ask for photo submissions of some of special edition vinyl records, like what you see below. I put together this interactive photo collage (just mouse over the image) of some of the slick, cool and creative record releases I know about. Let me know what you think and if you like it, we can get others involved and do more just like it.

If you would like to see this same collage on a larger scale, I have it on a tumblr blog.

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